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Today's Permit Process

The permit process is the responsibility of the property owner.  For projects that require a local permit, such as HVAC and hot water heating equipment replacement and installations or major fuel line plumbing and new duct systems; Majestic Heating provides permit services that can be purchased here with your order.

If you choose not to use our permit services or your project does not require a permit or certifications, you can deny our permit services at check out. Should you deny permit services, Majestic Heating shall relinquish all permit and certification requirements to the customer. Please see "permits" in our terms and conditions.  

The State required CalCerts Certifications are only required for HVAC equipment and duct system installations.
The CalCerts Certifications are not required for Domestic Hotwater, Hydronic Heating or Fuel Line Plumbing. Although, a Plumbing Permit is required.