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Fuel Line Plumbing Up to 30 Ft

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Price: $3,626.14
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Plumb additional gas lines from existing fuel system to capped stubs for Customer's new appliances. All work shall conform with state and local codes. All associated HOA requirements will be met.

Time for Contract Performance:
This proposal, unless sooner accepted, automatically expires within thirty (30) days. The work contemplated herein will be commenced within thirty (30) days of submitted acceptance of this proposal or Notice to Proceed in addition to 50% of purchased installed equipment and receipt of it by Contractor and substantially completed within thirty (30) days,  thereof, unless otherwise noted, subject to permissible delays.

Right to Performance and Payment of Bond:
You as owner or tenant of the property which is the subject to this contract have the right to require the Contractor to have a Performance and Payment Bond. See Contract Terms and Conditions for information on the Performance and Payment Bond and your rights under the Mechanics' Lien Law.

Price and Payment Terms:The price and payment for the supply of goods and services shall be progressive. Ten percent (10%) down payment at Check-Out. Permits are included, official inspections, certifications and mandatory third party contractor requirements for permit final are included in the costs of described contract work. Contractor offers within this contract, services to secure permits, present for official inspections, certifications and mandatory third party contractor requirements. After permit is issued by authority from Contractors subscribed aplication to the Building Department and arrangements for Contractor property access is permitted by Customer, forty percent (40%) of contract price is due for equipment and this payment shall be interpreted as "Notice to Proceed." Final payment of balance owed payable in full at substantial completion of job. Your local taxes are included.

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